Will Gompertz and I, Turner Prize 2018

Here's me with Will Gompertz,
a super engaging and warm gentleman,
at a private view of the Turner Prize 2018

artist bio

Aisha Bridgman is best known for her abstract, mixed media paintings.  Colour interactions and composition are central to her practice as a painter.  In what continues to be a changeable climate on many fronts, the imagery, often inspired by nature, is abstracted, imagined, escapist even.  Acrylic paint is combined with mixed media such as ink or thread.  Bands of colour soar upwards, lines of ink flow with energy.  The intention is to create areas of intrigue, to be explored by the viewer, inviting their own interpretation of the work.


Aisha paints full time from her home studio in Surrey.  Her expression of colour continues to connect people to her work and her paintings have been secured in private collections within the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Japan. 

Aisha will next be exhibiting with Welsh gallery Studio Cennen on the 14th April to 7th May 2022.

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