Aisha Bridgman is a contemporary painter, who works from her home studio in Surrey.  

I predominantly make and sell abstract paintings using different mediums: acrylic paint, oils, gouache paint, watercolour and household gloss, ink and bleach; hand sewing into the canvas to create accents of colour; I paint on canvas, paper and cardboard.


Exhibitions which I enjoy, cover contemporary artists today, Abstract Expressionism, the Vienna Secession and the early 20th Century. I am interested in colour and form, the line of a hand drawn foot, new approaches to the canvas.  

During my degree, I visited NY to see the large scale work of many great American Abstractionists including Ellsworth Kelly, Morris Louis, Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko.  I later made a series of paintings with circular elements, painting on hand made circular stretchers.  Abstract Expressionism continues to inform my art today.


Prior to this, I experimented with unconventional techniques.  For example, painting with latex, stretching and stapling it once dried, which adds a skin like layer to the work, or adding fine fabrics to paintings, torching the layers to create different textures and hues.

If you would like to discuss a collaboration or exhibition opportunity, please contact me here

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