abstract seascape paintings  - scroll down to view the series 

Earlier this year I made some very loose interpretations of Milton Avery's sea paintings, which includes a close up of his work.  The fourth is without reference to his art, my own composition (bottom right).  I can see how I tried to make mine more uniform, it has less 'life'.

Milton Avery studies

Working from the constraints of my small home studio, I feel drawn to the expanse of nature and specifically the sea.  The sea is a powerful healer.  It allows time to decompress, it offers wellness, space and air. 

In the largest painting below 'Rolling Sea' 30 x 30", I wanted to create the breathing motion of the sea with bands of colour, how it comes towards you and recedes.  I like to create ambiguity in a painting, inviting the viewer to ask what is land, what is sea?  

You can find further images and details for all of these paintings in my shop.