20 x 24'

acrylic paint, gouache and thread on canvas, 2020.


'The Ascent' was completed following a rainy and very cold hiking break to Dartmoor in February 2020. The rock formations I came across during the trip seep into the composition. I wanted the painting to echo the challenge of moving through the craggy, rocky terrain, whilst moving upwards, towards a more positive vision metaphorically.  It is a pinnacle work for my practice, as it ties in the sewing elements, which I was incorporating into my art many years before, whilst experimenting with a new palette and introducing these soaring brushstrokes, which are becoming central to my work. I was beginning to use pink and lilac for the first time (I have since come to terms with working with purple ;-) This was the second in a group of 3 abstract landscapes, which helped to rekindle my excitement and joy of painting. When I posted it online, a lot of people found the unique way, in which I sewed thread into and around the canvas frame, intriguing.


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The Ascent