I made these 4 paintings to support those affected by the crisis in Ukraine.  The artworks are united by their yellow line of hope.


100% of the proceeds will be donated to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. 


2 paintings have sold and 2 are available, roughly A5 in size, 21cm x 15cm.


1)  Seascape with coral is shown first  £70


2)  Seascape with blue pool is shown second  £70


Both are acrylic and ink on watercolour paper 


Contact me here to confirm the sale.  I will send you a link to the Disaster Emergency Committee.  You can then send me a screen shot of your donation and I will post you the painting.  UK postage free of charge.  It's a great way for us both to support this cause.

4 x paintings for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.