Aisha Bridgman's studies of Milton Avery's art

Loose interpretations of Milton Avery's sea paintings, the fourth is my own composition (bottom right).  

2021-2022 seascapes series

Working within the constraints of my small home studio, I often feel drawn to the expanse of nature.  The sea is a powerful healer, allowing time to decompress, offering wellness, space and air. 

In 'Rolling Sea' 30 x 30", I wanted to create the breathing motion of the sea.  Bands of colour come toward you and recede.  I like to create ambiguity in a painting, inviting the viewer to question, what is land or sea.

2020-2021 paint & ink series 

In the summer of 2020, I began a large body of work, which spanned 17 months.  I deepened my understanding of colour and abstraction, whilst exploring the pairing of acrylic paint and ink.  The unpredictability of flowing ink encourages new and exciting compositions, areas for me to problem solve.  The series helped me to develop my practice and discipline as a painter. 


Browse available paintings from both series here.