abstract paintings 

Consider all artworks as available, unless they state sold in their description

To enquire, email aisha@aishabridgman.com or complete my contact form here 


If you are looking to source something larger scale, I accept commissions

All artworks are shipped unframed, to allow the buyer to make their own framing choices

Here are 3 painting examples from my new paint and ink series.  I am currently exploring how they both work with one another, developing different ways of applying the ink, how its unpredictability encourages new and exciting compositions.  


I used to incorporate a lot of ink into paintings.  Primarily because it is such a fluid medium and you can achieve beautiful drip textures, but also because it moves freely, inspiring new ideas.  Brushing ink over paint also intensifies the colour.


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Uprising, 2020

20 x 24' oil, acrylic and thread on canvas Available, contact me for details