Paintings made on paper, card or cardboard, shipped unframed, so that you may choose your own frame style to suit 

11.7 x 8.27'
watercolour on paper. Unmounted and unframed.
Sky Magma
11.7 x 8.27
ink, bleach, watercolour, oil pastel and pen on watercolour paper. Unmounted and unframed.
Nature's triumph
12.6 x 11.7'
watercolour, pencil and oil pastel on paper. Unmounted and unframed.
11.7 x 8.27'
oil pastel and pencil on brown card, surface exposed. Unmounted and unframed.
13.77 x 12.59'
acrylic paint and pencil on cardboard. Mounted and unframed.
8.27 x 11.7'
gouache painting on paper. Mounted and unframed.
Water Skyline
SOLD: 11.7 x 8.27' watercolour on paper. Mounted, unframed.
SOLD: 9.05 x 9.76' acrylic, gouache and pencil on cardboard. Mounted, unframed.
Watercolour Pillars
SOLD: 8.6 x 8.3' abstract watercolour painting on paper, unmounted and unframed.
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