abstract landscape paintings 

on canvas, watercolour paper and card

To buy or enquire, please email aisha@aishabridgman.com or complete my contact form here 


All artworks are shipped unframed, to allow buyers to make their own style choices

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The 3 paintings below were made during isolation and are currently in the online exhibition 'Lockdown' 

© 2020 by AISHA BRIDGMAN.  All Rights Reserved.


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Little house in blue, 2020

11.7 x 8.27' watercolour and oil pastel on watercolour paper This is the first painting which I filmed in real time, in two stages. You can view Part 1 and 2 via my Instagram IGTV. I am donating the full sale of this painting to a Black Lives Matter charity BLAM Charity, for a special discounted minimum donation price of £100. Please contact me to check it is still available and I will send you the charity's own website link to make payment