In a world which can sometimes feel tumultuous, I want to make positive, uplifting paintings to counteract the imbalance. The following series of paintings are concerned with rising upward, moving forwards.  The vertical brush marks are abstract, strong, bright and visible, soaring almost.  Following the painting stages, I use thread to enhance compositional details further, providing contrasting accents of colour, sewing into and around the canvas frame.  I want to present the viewer with something new to consider and am satisfied when the work feels harmonious.

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20 x 24'
acrylic, gouache and thread on canvas
The Ascent
20 x 24'
acrylic, gouache and thread on canvas
Cypress sky
20 x 24'
acrylic, gouache and thread on canvas
20 x 24'
acrylic, gouache, thread and mixed media on canvas
13.77 x 12.59'
acrylic paint and pencil on cardboard
Renascence in blue
11.81 x 11.81'
acrylic paint and thread on flax linen canvas
8.27 x 11.7'
gouache painting on paper
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Garden rain
12 x 16' a water based oil painting I made for my cousin's birthday
Watercolour Skyline' 2014
11.7 x 8.27' watercolour on paper
9.05 x 9.76' acrylic, gouache and pencil on cardboard
Watercolour Pillars
8.6 x 8.3' abstract watercolour painting on paper
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