Examples from my new paint & ink series below 

I am currently exploring the relationship between paint and ink, how they work with one another and developing different ways of applying the ink, seeing how its unpredictability encourages new and exciting compositions.


I used to incorporate a lot of ink into paintings.  Primarily because it is such a fluid medium and you can achieve beautiful drip textures, but also because it moves freely, inspiring new ideas.  

My chromatic heart, an abstract acrylic & ink painting on linen canvas
One half of a diptych: My cobalt twin  8.27 x 11.7
My chromatic heart  23.6 x 31.5'
Obsidian Rush
Obsidian Rush  24 x 30'
Palm of Avenues
Palm of Avenues  12 x 16'
Ink Song
Ink Song  31.49 x 39.37'
Ebony would  12 x 16'