My new paint & ink series 

In this series, I spent the last year exploring the relationship between paint and ink.  Learning how the mediums work with one another.  As I applied the ink, I let the unpredictability, its flow encourage new and exciting compositions. 


Below are a few examples, some of which are now available to buy in my shop  


I used to incorporate a lot of ink into paintings.  Primarily because it is such a fluid medium and you can achieve beautiful drip textures, but also because it moves freely, inspiring new ideas.  

My chromatic heart, an abstract acrylic & ink painting on linen canvas
My chromatic heart  23.6 x 31.5'
Obsidian Rush
Palm of Avenues by Aisha Bridgman
Palm of Avenues  12 x 16'
Love Swim 24 x 30'  Sold  .
Obsidian Rush  24 x 30'  Sold 
Ebony would  12 x 16'
Ink Song
Ink Song  31.49 x 39.37'