From 29 March to end of June 2021, you can now view the following six artworks at:

Well & Good, 1 High Street, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1AZ.  


Please call ahead to book a viewing appointment: 01483 952071.  

All are for sale, except 'Rise'.  To purchase a painting, please contact me here  

Once payment is made in full, I will inform Well & Good and you will be able to pick up your artwork at the end of the exhibition, or I can organise for your artwork to be shipped if easier.

Measurements are in inches.


Rise, 2019 20 x 24' acrylic, gouache and thread on canvas. Not for sale. 'Rise' is a pinnacle work for my practice, as it pulls together my mixed media approach and inspired a whole host of new compositional ideas. It is one of my favourite paintings. For close up images

Cypress sky, 2020 20 x 24' acrylic, gouache and thread on canvas £745 In this landscape, inspired by the previous painting 'Rise', I wanted to use a darker palette, to move away from the brights I had been using, to challenge myself with a more limited, palette. The upward strokes reminded me of the form of the cypress trees in Tuscany. For close up images

The Ascent, 2020 20 x 24' acrylic, gouache and thread on canvas £700 I had just returned from a hiking break in Dartmoor, when I decided to make another painting inspired by 'Rise'. No doubt, the rock formations which I came across seep into this work. I wanted this painting to echo the challenge of moving through the craggy, rocky terrain and moving upwards towards a more positive vision metaphorically. For close up images

Uprising, 2020 20 x 24' oil, acrylic and thread on canvas £690 This painting was made following the pain I experienced following the death of George Floyd. A lot of my own experiences of racism resurfaced, which I expressed in written posts on my Instagram account. It is a passionate painting therefore and positive too, as I feel change is being made. For close up images

Palm of Avenues, 2020 An abstract acrylic and ink painting on canvas, from my current series. 12 x 16' £290 For close up images

Dusk, 2020 11.7 x 11.7' gouache and acrylic paint on canvas £215 'Dusk' was published in October's issue of The World of Interiors. For close up images

The 3 paintings below were made during isolation.  They are currently in the online Instagram exhibition 'Lockdown' hosted by Fronteer Art.  Sales details can be found here

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