artist statement


Aisha is a contemporary painter, who works from her home studio in Surrey.  

She paints intuitively making abstract art with mixed media.  Combining acrylic paint with ink, or watercolour with oil pastel for example, Aisha sometimes uses thread to enhance compositional details further, provide contrasting accents of colour, or to sew around the canvas frame during the final stages of the work.  Aisha moves between larger and smaller marks to create different textures; brush strokes are visible.  Her intention is to achieve balance across the painting.  


Influenced by Abstract Expressionism and the Washington Colour School, Aisha's artistic approach has grown out of the desire to make something authentic and original for both herself and the viewer.  Currently, she is making a new body of work, a paint and ink abstract series; exploring different ways of applying the ink, how its unpredictability encourages new and exciting compositions and experimenting with new colours.


Aisha likes to give the viewer something new to consider and is satisfied when the work feels harmonious.

If you would like to discuss a sale, collaboration or exhibition opportunity, please contact Aisha here