Here is my first painting video, filmed in real time.  It is a mixed media watercolour abstract landscape painting in two parts which I made for my Instagram IGTV channel.  As a first attempt, it's a little amateur, but I think it communicates a good idea of how I work and my sense of humour.  It was received well, so I thought you may like to see it (the volume may need to be turned up).


This is Part 1 where I paint with watercolour.  You can see Part 2: adding the oil pastel and response comments for both videos, via my IGTV channel on my Instagram account.  


I am donating the full proceeds of this work 'Little house in blue' to charity, the finished piece is available for sale here

I am a mixed media abstract painter with a BA in Fine Art.  I reignited my practice a couple of years ago.  Painting nourishes me and has kept me motivated during the challenges of 2020.  I enjoy connecting and supporting other emerging artists and recently collaborated with a HK artist, with whom I had built a friendship through Instagram. 

My art is already being secured in private collections and I am currently participating in a UK group exhibition ‘Lockdown’, showcasing 3 abstract landscape works on paper made during isolation (you can view them here)

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